Notable Points When Writing a School Book Report

You are in the middle of the school term, and just before the lesson ends, your teacher assigns you a book report and order essay. Shivers begin forming on your spine, and you become jittery. Hey you, relax and take a deep breath. This article will explain how you will write a great book report that will leave your teacher impressed.


Simplicity is the key to any successful reporting. While writing your book report, you should use easy sentences that a reader can quickly peruse through. Avoid using jargon in your report as you may lose the reader. We know you may want to impress the reader, but sometimes too many words may make you deviate from the main point, thus making your book report to lose purpose.

Active voice

Using the active voice is an excellent way of communicating with your readers as they feel part of the conversation. You end up using fewer words when writing in active voice as opposed to passive voice. Your book report will also read smoothly and efficiently while using the active voice; hence, you should always aim to use it.

Correct grammar

A book report written using correct grammar is breathtaking. Picture yourself reading a report or essay that is full of grammatical errors. You’d be upset to read the text, and you wouldn’t even read the entire article. An erroneous book report will harm your GPA as your teacher will award you very few points. Hence, aim to use good grammar in your report.


The only sure bet to writing an excellent book report is through researching how to go about it. You may also want to read other book reports of the same book as yours to get an overview of how other writers went about the task. Research also enables a student to use recent and relevant justifications in their report.

If you follow four points mentioned above, you are guaranteed it will help you write a compelling book report that will leave your teacher in awe and end up giving you high scores.

Importance of Writing a Book Report

When teachers ask their students to write a book report, it’s because of the many benefits it carries. Below we highlight some of those:

  • It improves the students’ reading and writing skills
  • It enables a student to be a critical thinker
  • It allows a student to be self-expressive
  • It helps aid the comprehension of information

Teachers and parents should encourage children to embrace a reading culture by enrolling them in a book club and encouraging them to brainstorm with other book lovers. It is fun to study as a group, and students also get to share their opinions with others hence becoming more confident.


Book reports should be well presented and include an easy flow of points; therefore, students should structure their work correctly while avoiding grammar mistakes. At the completion, print your report on a quality paper and bind it. This way, you will form a credible impression on your readers.

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