How to Format a Middle School Book Report

Book reports are a critical part of learning for middle and high school students. Not only do they boost their communication skills, but they also improve their confidence. In many cases, a middle school book report revolves around 250-500 words, where students are expected to share a summary of the book rather than its evaluation.  

While writing a book report, there are specific key points that you must consider. They are explained below:

  • Note the book's critical aspects, i.e., its title, author, publisher, year of publication, and word count.
  • The story's season, i.e., is it a summer beach story or perhaps a historical event?
  • Note the name of the characters and their description.
  • Quotes the examples used in the book that will support your report.

If you follow the above points, you bet you are on the right track towards improving your grade. This is more so because your teacher will mark the book report based on the mentioned points. Therefore students should strive to carefully analyze a book before they start to write its report. Below is a guide to writing a middle school report.

Pre- Writing Process

This is mostly known as the planning phase. At this point, students are expected to be on the lookout for any key detail of the book. Of importance to note at this step includes;

  1. Firstly, note that the type of book you choose will be significant in your report. Hence, is it timely, relevant, or boring? Consider whether it will impress your readers. 
  2. Secondly, please keep track of the characters and their roles in the book. Identify the main points and list them down according to priority.
  3. Thirdly, organize your points by categorizing them into several sub-topics that will later form your report’s body.

The pre-writing stage is necessary as it helps middle school students to outline their points, thus forming a framework for their final report. Ultimately, if they follow the above points, they are guaranteed that they’ll get it right with their report.

Action Your Points

So, this book is important, and you want to tell us all about it. Before you start sharing your opinion, evaluate your audience. Once you identify whether it’s teenagers, adults, or peers, you establish a communication tone. Remember that readers form a quick judgment and aim to make a powerful impression to them; hence you must communicate the correct thing in the right manner. Students should use case studies that are timely and easily relatable to their audience too.

Another aspect to note after writing your book report is that revisions are necessary for your report to be perfect. Hence, be thorough in revising your work several times. You can also request a friend or family member to review your work while looking out for mistakes that passed your eye. Also, these revisions help students learn new words while improving their report’s standards.


Whereas your aim while writing a book report is to get a good grade in middle school, you should also aim to understand all its dynamics as this will come handy even as you write your high school report. If you encounter it for the first time in middle school, be sure to note that you will still find it in high school. 

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