Get Started with Your High School Book Report

Many students feel like high school is a burden to them. This is mainly because of the increased subjects and many homework assignments that they are expected to cover. It doesn’t get more comfortable, especially when they have to write a book report. Regardless of how tough it may seem, one must rise above the challenge. Learn how to prepare to write a great book report by following the tips explained below:

  • Avoid skimming by reading the book thoroughly and thoughtfully. 
  • Outline the main points as you read the book.
  • Research for reviews about the book and brainstorm for more information.
  • Sit in a quiet room when reading to aid your concentration.
  • Use a dictionary to understand ambiguous words.

High school students must realize the importance of reading the book as only then will they have the confidence to write its report. Now that you have prepared yourself while reading that book, the next step is to understand how to write its report. 

Formatting a High School Book Report

Like all other school essays, a book report must be written in a standard structure. The most important thing to note before you begin to write it is that you have understood the book and have a blueprint to guide how you layout your report. Noteworthy to mention is that with proper planning, it is easier to write a well-structured report. Below is the standard format of writing a book report:


The length of the book you read will determine how the cover page of your report will look like. Contents that go to the cover page include the author’s name, date, and name of the publisher. 


This is the step where you give an overview of the major points, conclusions, and recommendations. Ensure that you are specific, and it is short. Note that many readers will read the summary and only skim through the rest of your report; hence your summary must be spot on.


Why are you doing this book report? Tell us by explaining the problem statement and do it most compellingly. Remember that this is the point where you engage or lose your readers; hence you need an introduction that is thought-provoking.


Explain your points here. They ought to be laid out sequentially, and you must not deviate from the main topic. Keep your readers engaged by a good language flow, you may choose to be witty, official, but all these will be guided by the genre of your book and audience.


Attempt to have a comprehensive yet short summary. Students should bear in mind that many readers will only read the synopsis and conclusion to get the report's gist. Therefore, one must use good grammar while concluding their report


Are there any actions that need to be taken? What is your general feeling about the topic? Tell us in this section, and you should list them in order of priority.

In summation, a great book report entails correct grammar, structure, and it must be unique. While reading your book report, your readers should feel like they are reading fresh content; hence you must not plagiarize any work.

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