The question of whether ghost writers can write a better bachelor thesis than students can not be answered flat-rate. You might also ask if a chef can prepare our favorite food better than you can at home. In principle, an academic scientist has an immense experience advantage over the ordinary student, who has him write a better bachelor thesis.

Some authors have already written more than 50 such works. According to statistics, most students choose one discipline only, so most will not write much of a bachelor’s thesis, but only one in their lifetime. Thus, no experience can build. In this regard, even gifted students can not close this gap. There are also many factors such as scientific affinity and knowledge, to name a few.

Write a bachelor thesis like assembly line work

However, a certain amount of routine creeps into the experience. Ghostwriters tend to use popular literature on similar topics and research questions, so they write similar bachelor theses. To counter this, our quality assurance team pays attention to the literature used. Academic authors must be constantly motivated to evolve. We support our employees in continuing education.

The compensation system of a ghostwriter is based i. d. R. not on an hourly basis, but rather in the direction of piecework. As a result, the academic author is constantly under pressure to perform. To reduce the pressure to perform, Business And Science offers a good compensation. With the reduced pressure, the ghostwriter can fully concentrate on his work so that he can write a high quality bachelor thesis.

Students know their lecturers

But where are the big advantages of a student? The students have a big advantage over the ghostwriters in terms of faculty. Each of them has a different idea of ​​how to write a bachelor thesis. Some like to keep it simple, the others attach great importance to the use of a huge number of literature sources, for others a non-gender-neutral language is a no-go.

If the student writes homework or term paper to the lecturer, he knows what to value, in order to get an outstanding grade. In addition, one should never underestimate the emotions with which the student goes to work and the disciplined and dedicated work experience of working on that experience. All this is a great motivation to develop a passion – that’s how it was with me.